Supply Chain Management Operations on Supply Smart

Warehouse Management

A poorly planned warehouse strategy is a foolproof plan for failure!
Failing to adequately plan and manage your warehouses leads to colossal quandaries. This includes a disjointed team of employees, inaccessible equipment and inventory, and redundant processes, all of which impact the profitability of your business. Here’s where Supply Smart comes to your rescue with the following solutions:

  • Accurate region-wise forecasting of demand and supply
  • Live tracking of goods and shipments
  • Up to the minute stock status updates and product expiration alerts
  • Integrations with production systems and logistics partners
Inventory Management

Supply Smart for Smart Inventory Management
You never know your business’ worth until you count your assets!
It’s indispensable to have a synoptic view of all your stocks right from the shelf to the bin, in multiple locations. To achieve a greater Return on Investment (ROI), you need systemic inventory management that guarantees scrupulous order fulfillment and better inventory planning and ordering. With Supply Smart SCM’s QR and barcodes features, you could address these complications proficiently as narrated below:

  • Capture existing stocks and monitor stock batches
  • Detect counterfeit goods and check incoming and outgoing products in various locations
  • Log timestamps of vehicles and salesmen
  • Facilitate barcode-based billing
  • Collect insightful data to prepare reports and raise alerts
Distribution Management

Supply Smart for Smart Inventory Management
The thin line between disorder and order lies in logistics!
With proper distribution management in place, it’s a win-win scenario. And with SupplySmart SCM you could not only minimize your distribution costs, but you could also accelerate customer satisfaction as explained in these steps below:

  • Real-time tracking and management of the delivery fleet and salesmen
  • Automatic dynamic delivery routing in conjunction with pre-defined business rules
  • Raise alarms in cases of idle vehicles, fuel, and toll card mismanagement
  • Render integration with procurement systems of end-users
Sales Management

Supply Smart for Smart Sales Management
Run the day with sales before the day runs you!

It’s vital to gauge the sales performance of your supply chain business while keeping tabs on your sales personnel. Beyond closing deals, what truly translates into cash in your banks is the sales. Leveraging Supply Smart at this phase would mean great returns as depicted below:

  • Garner in-depth salesmen analytics
  • Develop a seamless customer portal for placing orders
  • Efficiently track products and alert stores for expiry management
  • Raise alerts to delegate payment collections and generate invoices
Customer Management

Supply Smart for Smart Inventory Management
Supply Smart can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. With the former, you would perceive facile transition and migration opportunities. In the latter, there’s scope for high scalability with cost optimization. Supply Smart Offers Convertible Integration with ERP Software A mass prodigious control over your supply chain with facile integrations! The pivotal benefit of Supply Smart is its adaptability to technological integrations. Following are the device coalescing offered with Supply Smart:

  • SAP Business One
  • Handheld barcode printers
  • Card swipe machines
  • Other standalone tools and ERP applications endorsing standard configurations

SupplySmart delivers a powerful supply chain management system that fits the transforming Global Logistics market.

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