User Friendly:

* The Product has an easy to interpret dashboard and gives an end to end picture covering sales, stocks, personnel, vehicles and assets, and can be customized to capture a wider expanse of components.

* The solution encompasses a very user-friendly capability of identifying expiry stocks, fake and imitation products, thereby enabling real-time monitoring and status updates of stocks at various points in the process flow.

* The construct of menus and drop downs can be seamlessly accessed and enable a very smooth usability of the entire product.

* Data exchanges and utilities can be smoothly executed across diverse sources from among standard formats.

* The solution can dexterously be made to talk to best of breed deployments and present integrated extracts from disparate systems.

* Some more user-friendly actions include cost and capacity planning, customizable planning goals, problem detection and data synchronization along the end to end process. ie; tools to model anticipated supply and demand activities, forecasts based on what-if scenarios.

* It also helps identifying material shortages and data source connection facilitating delivery schedules, inventory loads and revenue projections.