Unify and Simplify:

* In the cloud, applications and data are stored on physical or virtual servers, often managed for optimal security.

This simplifies access and sharing techniques, which can greatly increase productivity.

* Deployed intelligently, the cloud can help supply chains achieve their upside potential.

* Enterprises should weigh the cloud's capacity to simplify a system's effect on the network versus the sensitivity of data sharing.

* Sales and operations planning, transport management systems and store shelf optimization are three cloud-friendly supply chain applications.

* Many suppliers and customers can benefit from access to this information, while they are not critical privacy risks.

* Businesses can use more unified communications platforms and tools to streamline their supply chain management efforts.

* Using portals enables producers, wholesalers and logistics operators to communicate using a unified, dynamic platform.

* Our cloud- or Web-based enterprise resource planning program can be accessed and updated by all supply chain members, giving other contributors real-time awareness up and down the supply chain.

* Mobile technology can also be integrated to make it easier for remote employees and contributors to communicate and collaborate with other enterprise stakeholders.