Our Company:

* Founded in 2002, Triadss group is growing in the right direction and has achieved a workforce strength of over 1200 highly skilled domain specialists.

* We have been consistently maintaining an upward revenue trend right from inception.

* We work in partnership with our clients and provide the best services, at least cost and time, with unmatched quality.

* Our capabilities are scalable and flexible to meet the customer needs.

* At Triadss, we believe that Human Capital and leveraging Technology are two vital factors that transforms an organization, which in turn breathes productivity and empowers the organization to reach its goals faster and be the leader in business.

* Over the years, we have established ourselves in HR Services, Information Technology Solutions, Legal and Business Consulting and Concierge services drawing our customers to reach out for us, in assisting them achieve their business objectives.

* Our services expedite the time of achievement of business goals for our customers.