* Supply smart’s key features of identification of obsolete, fake and imitation stocks and complete tracking of movement of goods contributes to achieving optimal metrics defining the business process optimization.

* Supply smart eases out from the prevalent compelling need among the manufacturers to manage intense pressure from competition, due to shrinking margins and difficult to please customers.

* The focus is on capturing data from retail processes that constitute to shaping up the end to end supply chain strategic roadmap, which is emerging to be imperative.

* Our SCM comes around accommodating the situation of manufacturing in the sector being commoditized, with competencies in design and innovation being retained, and the SCM processes flow is accordingly being configured.

* With increasingly unpredictable lifecycles of the devices, Supply Smart responds to the need of an SCM solution that is to minimize the uncertainties that emerge as a result, thus modifying the supply and distribution networks.

* With the demanding need for features and the timely provision of them among the devices conceived for the consumers, Our SCM ERP solution offering caters to accommodate service and quality processes, thereby enhancing brand loyalty.

* The solution helps optimize process flow along new product introductions that emerge from ever changing product life cycles.

* The system can help capture demand and supply data alongside projections forecast, being vital for planning and execution while meeting the incumbent demand.