* Supply Smart solutions facilitates in the CRM’s playing a pivotal role in seeking out new ways to upsell and cross sell to customers, there by maximizing demand creation continuously.

* It also supports in the close coordination of the demand creation, with the promotions and campaign management to keep the process in sync with the proactive demand creation process.

* The solution is designed to handle large transaction volumes alongside connecting with customers, business partners and suppliers.

* This forms the foundation for effectively keeping close connect with customers and meeting sales demands proactively.

* The solution facilitates the sharing of, point of sales information and data analysis available with major retailers, electronically to distributors in the form of delivery forecasts.

* Using our solution, the supply chain costs are minimized, through lower inventory holding costs, operating costs and efficient purchasing methods, facilitated by procurement processes enabled in the solution.

* The warehouse management interfaces, help optimize the throughput velocity, by keeping inventory and errors to a minimum.