Simplified Workflow:

* Direct access to information which helps you to get broader visibility across all areas of your business.

* As a connected set of processes that form the link between individual component sources and a final product, supply chain bridges the gap between suppliers and the ultimate end user. Supply chains are growing longer and more complicated, in today’s economy. It is an impressive orchestration of many moving parts working together to deliver products to customers. As things won’t always go per plan, and therefore ensuring that the right mechanism is in place to sail through the unforeseen is becoming the highest priority for the business to meet the increasing customer demands.

* When visibility can enable early warnings about disruptions across the trading network, the real value is to take necessary actions ahead of time, and ensure that operations and performance are not impacted negatively. Backward scheduling can achieve this good visibility. An overall understanding of how the process execution fits into the overall supply chain flow and awareness at the right time at the process execution level, ensures that businesses make the best decisions in the quickest turnaround possible.