Manage Inventory:

* Our SCM can aid you manage inventory efficiently that can help you swiftly escalate delivery and manage batches.

* This entails the supervision of the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and in-turn the flow of materials from these facilities to the points of sales. The process encompasses maintenance of a detailed record of each new or returned product as they leave the various functional entities along the SCM footfall.

* A notable feature in this process being to identify expiry, fake and imitation products among the progressing bulk of products across warehouses, stores, points of sales and other validating functional stages in the chain.

* Obsolete and excess inventory, often being a byproduct of misaligned decisions from areas such as product life cycles, design standardization and promotional sales forecasting schemes, can be optimized and regulated towards minimizing costs of carrying the inventories.

* End-of-life cycles, being another component of excess and obsolete inventories, and contractual commitment to holding of such inventories, are to be factored into the sales account management cycle.