Cloud Servers:

* As they are fully integrated cloud technologies, these systems enable 100 percent visibility across the supply chain and scale up or down to react to market reality.

* In the event of largescale disruptions, organizations have very little or no time to re-plan. Supply chain flexibility ensures an organization’s ability to identify risk probabilities, prepare recovery scenarios, and alter plans based on unexpected demand surges, and change supplier capabilities when the unforeseen happens.

* Organizations must be able to quickly determine affected supply, the products comprising those components, the location of inventory within the whole network, and options for alternate supply, in order to react effectively and swiftly

* With a greater emphasis on protecting organization’s brand, reputation, assets, and data, organizations are seeking the help of technology to ensure flexibility in their supply chain. Companies can now analyze complex supply chain questions that took days or weeks, in a matter of minutes or hours, with the presence of technologies such as in-memory computing and improved analytics algorithms. The speed of analysis and data precision are both valued greatly for companies pursuing cloud based and flexible supply chains.